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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to dressing, so in addition to the mirror in the bathroom, a standing mirror that can see the whole body is also needed at home. Because this full body mirror is large enough.

The full length standing mirror is an item that must be used at home, especially the living space for girls. A beautiful standing mirror is not only convenient for dressing and dressing but also adds quality to the home. But in real life, many people buy a standing mirror and don’t know where it is, and the place they visit is wrong. Now I recommend a few more suitable locations for the standing mirror.

Hallway: Standing mirrors are usually placed in the hallway for easy dressing before going out.

Bedroom: A bedroom is a private place for people to rest, and a full body mirror is a good choice in the bedroom.

Checkroom: The position of the stand up mirror in the cloakroom is not too particular, just according to personal habits.

Restroom: Putting it in the restroom is the choice of most people. It’s best to choose according to your own height and obesity.

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  • How Soon Can I Get a Quote?

Usually within 24 hours. But we will as soon as possible.

  • How Long is Your Order Lead-time?

50-75 days.

  • What if the Product is Damaged During Shipping? Free Reissue? What Proof of Damage is Required?

If quality problems are found within 30 days after arrival, we will be responsible for replenishment. Photo proof is required. For a large number of problems, we will send people to conduct on-site inspection or video inspection.

  • What Custom Services Can You Provide?

Product size, color, packaging, etc. can be made according to customer requirements.

  • How is the Product Packaged?

Ordinary packaging: inner box + outer box (multi-pack); corner guard + outer box (single package)

Mail order product: foam board + outer box

  • Is It Possible to Customize Only the Frame?

The whole frame is OK, but the frame strip is generally not.

  • What is the Largest Mirror Size I Can Order?