Traditional mirrors are widely used in home wall decoration. Because most traditional wall mirrors are carved, people often call this style of mirror baroque mirror. It is also used as a traditional bathroom mirror, a traditional floor mirror, and a traditional vanity mirror. Ever Better Mirror uses advanced technology. Large-scale traditional mirrors have been greatly updated in terms of design and manufacturing. Traditional wall mirrors can provide you with decorative effects. If you are looking for a traditional mirror manufacturer, or a baroque style mirror supplier, Ever Better Mirror will serve you.

Types of traditional mirrors we provide

  • Traditional Bathroom Mirror
  • Traditional Beveled Full Length Mirror
  • Traditional Floor Mirror
  • Traditional Accent Mirror
  • Traditional Arch Mirror
  • Traditional Gold Mirror
  • Antique Baroque Mirror
  • Baroque Full Length Mirror
  • Oval Baroque Mirror
  • Small Baroque Mirror
  • Large Baroque Mirror
  • Silver Baroque Mirror
  • Gold Baroque Mirror
  • Baroque Style Mirror
  • Black Baroque Mirror

about custom mirrors service

Ever Better Mirror not only provides finished products of traditional mirrors, we also accept custom mirror services. Regardless of size, material or purpose, customized wall mirrors can meet almost all your requirements. For some people, traditional mirrors meet a great demand. For others, baroque mirrors are a home decoration. You can use baroque wall mirrors to ensure that your makeup looks more refined. Of course, it can also add depth and natural light to the room. In any case, traditional wall mirrors have a place in your home. Ever Better Mirror can provide custom mirror service. These custom mirrors can be cut into various shapes and sizes, so they are perfect for your home. If you have a vision, we can achieve it.

The advanced technology of custom mirrors can make your baroque mirrors more in line with your aesthetics. The different materials of the mirror frame will show different styles. Customized traditional mirrors can use various materials more conveniently and freely. It will perfectly match your home style. After the baroque mirror is placed successfully, it can enhance the taste of your entire home. Whether it is custom sized mirrors or custom framed mirrors, we can almost meet all customer requirements.

How to ensure quality as a traditional mirror manufacturer

Quality comes first

The quality of traditional mirrors does not only refer to the materials used. The success or failure of the product is often determined in the first step of product design. For example, whether the design follows the principle of simplicity, whether there is innovation in the use of new materials and new processes, and so on. What any product needs for users is definitely value rather than price.


It is not enough to only consider the materials used in the design of the product. A mature management process is essential. What is more important is to improve the traditional mirror awareness of all employees. For example, when there are multiple orders, due to the tight time, there may be a problem of missing links directly. This may cause quality problems. We will never allow this to happen.

Keep improve

If a traditional mirror needs to be improved and innovated, it will inevitably encounter various problems on the way forward. We often say that failure is not terrible. The scary thing is that we don’t know why it fails. Therefore, we will strictly record data in any link of product improvement. We firmly believe that only products that are refined and refined through repeated improvements are good products.

The placement of traditional mirrors


contemporary bathroom mirror
  1. About the shape of the traditional bathroom mirror. As traditional bathroom mirrors, it is best to choose a traditional rectangle mirror. Because it represents balance and order by itself. If the traditional rectangular wall mirror can be equipped with a round sink and suitable lighting, it will be more conducive to establishing a visual balance.
  2. About the size of traditional bathroom mirror. The size of the traditional mirror pays more attention to the size of the entire bathroom area. The size of the more common traditional bathroom mirror is between 500-600mm. The thickness of the traditional bathroom mirror is preferably around 8mm.
  3. About the material of traditional bathroom mirror. Everyone must also pay attention to the selection of materials. Because the bathroom is relatively humid, materials such as wood and leather are easily deformed or faded after a period of use. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy this type of traditional mirror.

traditional wall mirror for living room

The traditional mirror design for living room is an excellent decoration. It can make small rooms look spacious and help dark rooms brighten by reflecting sunlight. Choosing traditional mirrors that suit you can better show your personality.

  1. Choosing a traditional round mirror. A traditional round mirror can add a soft and elegant feel to your room. And the traditional wall mirror design for living room visually brings a relaxed feeling to your space.
  2. Choosing a traditional rectangle mirror. The rectangular traditional mirror can reflect the landscape of the room and outside the room. The increase in height allows the rectangle traditional mirror to reflect more light.
  3. Choosing a traditional oval mirror. Simple and elegant is synonymous with traditional oval mirror. No matter what style your living room is, it can be used as traditional decorative wall mirrors to decorate your living room.

Traditional Entryway Mirror

modern entryway mirror
Traditional mirrors can both add to your decoration or ruin your decoration. Not all entrances are suitable for a traditional mirror. If you are deciding whether to install an entrance mirror, please keep the following basic things in mind.
  1. A entryway traditional mirror can reflect light. If your entrance is facing a window or other natural light source, the traditional mirror can increase the light and make your entrance feel more spacious.
  2. A entryway traditional mirror will add depth to your entrance. If the entryway traditional mirror can highlight details that guests would overlook, then this is a good design choice.
  3. Stability of the traditional wall. The traditional mirror is heavy. If your entrance does not have studs for fixing heavy mirrors, you may need to consider whether to put traditional entryway mirrors.

Installation of traditional mirrors

Hole-free installation method

  1. Wipe the wall clean with a dry cloth
  2. Apply enough glue-free evenly on the back of the dovetail sticker
  3. Stick the dovetail sticker on the back of the mirror and press it to the air
  4. Apply enough glue-free evenly on the back of the screw paste
  5. Stick the screws on the wall and press them evenly to exhaust the air
  6. Wait for 72 hours to completely solidify, then you can hang up it

Hole installation method

  1. Use a drill to make holes in the wall
  2. Knock the expansion screw into the hole
  3. Screw the screw into the bolt, protruding about 3 cm
  4. Apply enough glue evenly on the back of the screw paste
  5. Paste the screw stickers on the wall and press evenly to remove air
  6. Align the buckle with the screw and hang it, and then you can adjust it