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Heart of beauty in everyone. A mirror is an important tool for grooming, and it often appears in every space in the home. Among them, the bathroom wall mirror is even more indispensable. However, because the bathroom is relatively humid and has a lot of water vapor, the choice of bathroom mirrors is slightly different from that of other spaces. After researching, we learned about the bathroom wall mirror issues that customers are most concerned about. In this article, we will answer these questions for you.

Contents of this article

  • Buy your bathroom wall mirror?
  • Hang your bathroom wall mirror?
  • Wash your bathroom wall mirror?
  • Bathroom wall mirror maintenance tips
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How to buy your bathroom wall mirror?

The material of the bathroom wall mirror

Silver mirror: Use silver nitrate, ammonia water, etc. to reduce silver ions to metallic silver and cover the glass surface, and then apply the waterproof coating.

Aluminum mirror: Use high temperature to directly vaporize solid aluminum, and then spray the gaseous aluminum onto the glass surface. Gaseous aluminum directly solidifies into solid aluminum when it encounters cold glass, forming an aluminum film on the surface of the glass. After coating with waterproof paint, an aluminum mirror is formed.

Aluminum mirrorSilver mirror
ClarityThe mirror surface is whitish, the reflectivity is not high, and it is not very clear.The mirror surface is black and blue, with high reflectivity, and the image is clear and lifelike.
Moisture resistanceThe aluminum layer does not fit the glass tightly, moisture will enter through the gap, and the mirror surface is easily deformed.Mercury has a high density and is easy to fit tightly with glass. It is not easy to enter the water and become damp, and it can be used for a long time.
PriceCheap(≈USD 23/㎡)Expensive(≈USD 47/㎡)
Comparison of silver mirror and aluminum mirror

Summary: Since silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors are very similar in appearance, many operators will take the opportunity to confuse them. Silver mirrors use silver as the plating component, while aluminum mirrors use metallic aluminum. The difference in material selection and production process makes the two bathroom mirrors very different.

Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that when buying a bathroom wall mirror, you must distinguish the real silver mirror based on the difference between the two mirrors listed above.

The styles of bathroom wall mirror

From the appearance point of view, the bathroom wall mirror has three types: large bathroom wall mirror, table mirror, and embedded bathroom mirror.

Large bathroom wall mirror
Can directly on the wall, you can see half of the body.
Table mirror This kind of bathroom mirror can be placed directly on the vanity table. It’s smaller.
Embedded bathroom mirrorYou can directly make embedded small wall cabinets to save space.
Common bathroom wall mirror

Summary: Bathroom vanity wall mirrors of different shapes have their own advantages. You can choose the appropriate bathroom wall mirror according to the style of your own bathroom.

The function of bathroom wall mirror

When you take a shower in the bathroom, you will always get mist on the bathroom mirror. Therefore, high-quality bathroom wall mirrors generally have waterproof and anti-fog functions.

Anti-fog film: There are anti-fog films specifically for bathroom walls on the market. It applies the electric heating effect. The thickness of the anti-fog film is about 0.4 mm, and it should be attached to the back of the bath mirror before use. Start from one end and apply it as flat as possible. The power switch of the anti-fog film is best to be connected in parallel with the mirror light for convenient use.

Summary: Bathroom wall mirrors will generally be fogged when the water vapor in the bathroom is relatively high. If this situation cannot be tolerated, I suggest buying an anti-fog film.

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Tips for buying bathroom wall mirrors

Look at the appearance of the bathroom wall mirror: When buying a bathroom mirror, you should observe the mirror from multiple angles such as the front, side, and back. A good mirror should not have bubbles, debris, crushed spots, broken glass, discoloration, yellow spots, cloud spots, dark spots, black edges, etc. from the appearance.

Look at the imaging effect of the bathroom wall mirror: Generally, a 5mm thick mirror must not be deformed or skewed within 2 meters. And look at the straight line pattern unchanged. You can pay attention to straight objects in the mirror when you look in the mirror. If the straight object is not bent or deformed, the imaging effect of the mirror is good.

Look at the manufacturing process of bathroom wall mirrors: In order to make the lens have no black edges and black spots, a layer of the copper film is also plated on the silver film. Put a layer of primer and topcoat on the copper film to enhance protection. This can extend the life of the bathroom wall mirror. And the mirror should not have broken in the slightest when it closes.

Look at the thickness of the bathroom wall mirror: Mirrors vary in price according to their thickness. Generally, thick mirrors are more expensive. Many people choose thinner mirrors in order to save money. But you need to know that the mirror is too thin and easy to break, but the gain is not worth the loss. From a professional point of view, I recommend choosing a thickness of 8mm.

Look at the style of bathroom wall mirrors: The choice of bathroom mirrors should also take into account the overall style of the bathroom and should be consistent with the overall style. For example, some oval bathroom mirrors are more suitable for the European style. Rectangle bathroom mirrors are more suitable for the Chinese style.

How to hang your bathroom wall mirror?

Many people ignore the step of installing a bathroom wall mirror. Different bathroom mirrors have different hanging methods. It may be a claw hook, or it may be a D-ring. Let’s take a look at the precautions for bathroom mirror installation.

Installation height of bathroom wall mirror

We usually stand and look at the mirror in the bathroom, so the bottom of the bathroom mirror should be at least 135 cm from the ground. If the height gap between family members is relatively large, you can adjust it appropriately. But try to place your face in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is better. In general, it is better to keep the center of the mirror 160-165 cm above the ground.

Fixing method of bathroom wall mirror

First, measure the distance of the hook behind the mirror, and then make a mark on the wall, and make a hole at the mark. If it is a ceramic tile wall, you need to use a glass drill bit to drill the ceramic tile first, and then use a percussion drill or electric hammer to penetrate 3cm. After opening the eyes, put in the plastic expansion tube, then screw on the 3CM self-tapping screw, leave 0.5CM outside, and then hang the mirror.

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How to wash your bathroom wall mirror?

Over time, a layer of white dirt will adhere to the surface of the bathroom mirror. So how should we clean this dirt and make your bathroom wall mirror look new?


The main components of white dirt in bathroom wall mirrors are inorganic salts, oil stains, calcium, and magnesium carbonate. Prescribe the right medicine for the three different substances.

Inorganic salt cleaning

Because tap water contains inorganic salts, inorganic salts will remain after the water evaporates. It will be attached to the bathroom mirror. You only need to wash it with a lot of water and wipe it with a towel or brush.

Cleaning of grease stains

Greasy stains mainly come from various facial cleansers or dirt left behind when washing your face. For oil stains, we can use detergent.

Cleaning of calcium and magnesium carbonate

This kind of dirt has strong adhesion, and physical methods are not very useful. To solve this kind of dirt, you must use chemical methods. It is better to use phosphoric acid or dilute hydrochloric acid. If you can’t buy it, the white vinegar at home is also fine.

Cleaning of the bathroom wall mirror frame

Use a soft cloth or feather to dust off the surface of the frame. Or wipe the surface of the frame with a clean soft damp cloth and gently wipe it. Do not use any glass cleaner or other solvents to contact and scrub the frame.

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Bathroom wall mirror maintenance tips

Mirror anti-fog

  • Before bathing, you can apply soap to the mirror surface and wipe it with a dry cloth. A layer of soap liquid film is formed on the mirror surface to prevent blurring of the mirror surface.
  • Or use a dry cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of detergent to apply to the mirror surface.
  • You can also use astringent lotion or detergent, which can effectively prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface.

Daily maintenance precautions

  • Do not touch the mirror with wet hands, and do not wipe the mirror with a damp cloth to avoid adding moisture to it.
  • Wipe the mirror with a soft dry cloth or cotton.
  • It can be wiped with a soft cloth or emery cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax.
  • Or wipe the mirror or frame with a rag dipped in milk to make it clear and bright.

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