15 Best Decorative Wall Mirrors In 2021

15 Best Decorative Wall Mirrors In 2021

When we choose decorative wall mirrors for our home decoration, we always feel worried or confused when choosing the best side. If you are the person facing the same problem, then in the following post, we will share the 15 best modern decorative wall mirrors you must choose in 2021.

Gold sunburst mirror wall decor for living room

The design of Gold sunburst mirror wall decor is simply exciting, and it takes the design to a new level. This gold sunburst wall decor gives a modern look to the space where the decorative mirrors are placed. This mirror has a round chaotic golden finish frame, which adds charm and elegance to its appearance. This decorative mirror for living room provides the illusion of a larger space. At the same time, a bright reflective effect is added.

  • Strong decorative.
  • Concealed buckle, easy to install.
  • classic style, not easy to be outdated.
  • Most people can afford it.
  • Takes up a lot of space.
  • There are many gaps and it is not easy to wipe.
  • Poor practicality.

Multi circle mirror wall decor for living room

This large decorative mirror is composed of multiple small round mirrors. Its design is both playful and modern, making it the best choice for mirror wall decor for living room. If you want to make the living room look chic, then this mirror is designed for you. In this price range, the quality of the decorative wall mirror is very good. This gold decorative mirror brings a retro look to your decorations and adds a stylish touch to your home.

  • No need to assemble it yourself.
  • Suitable for most styles of home decoration.
  • Punch-free.
  • Look quite tropical aesthetically.
  • The wall needs to be large enough.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • More than one person may be required for installation.

Large rectangular decorative mirror for bathroom

This decorative wall mirror is the most elegant and timeless design of the mirror. The decorative bathroom mirror can be conveniently hung in the bathroom or any place you think is suitable for a hung decorative wall mirror because it does not require any assembly. This mirror has a black rectangular frame, giving an elegant and sophisticated appearance. The best thing about this farmhouse mirror wall decor is that you can hang it horizontally and vertically.

  • Can be placed in any space.
  • Both modern and antique.
  • Both decorative and functional.
  • Easy installation.
  • The maintenance is simple and easy to clean.
  • A little bit expensive.

Modern diamond mirror wall decor for dining room

If there is a very dedicated and perfect mirror, then it is this diamond mirror. oval wall mirrors are suitable for most decorative themes. Of course, it can be used as a dining room mirror wall decor. This modern mirror wall decor brings an elegant look to your decoration and is very durable. Because it has a protective frame, it adds focus and texture to this decorative mirror.

  • Silver can really match everything.
  • Good choice for accents.
  • Make your living room look more modern.
  • Diamonds are not easy to clean.
  • Easy to accumulate dust.

Antique square mirror wall decor for bedroom

This is a vintage square mirror wall decor. The frame is made of solid wood to help protect the custom built-in glass. This mirror wall decor for bedroom has a modern and simple appearance that can enhance the natural sunlight in the space. The bedroom decorative mirror is equipped with a D-ring hook, which is a high-quality product that can bring a modern feel to your space.

  • Easy to install.
  • Take any space theme.
  • Simple but attractive.
  • Exudes an elegant and even high-end appearance.
  • The crevices are not easy to maintain and clean.
  • Not very big.

Modern silver mirror wall decor for living room

We understand the importance of your home and how to decorate your kitchen, dining room or bedroom with elegant modern furniture can help make it a place that reflects your identity. This mirror wall decor for living room is perfect for adding visual interest to your walls, making the space feel larger, and reflecting light around the room. Unique decorative wall mirrors add designer style to your modern style of decoration.

  • Dramatic textures and geometric shapes.
  • Great sense of design.
  • Add gorgeous color to your home.
  • Each fragment is manually cut and specially placed.
  • It’s just an ornament and has poor functionality.
  • It is not easy to clean and maintain.

Decorative rectangular wall mirror for living room

We believe that modern furniture can not only create a home, but also your home. This decorative wall mirror has a wooden square frame for protection and strength, and the mirror is round with a golden frame. Shows elegance and charm. Whether in the lobby, living room, or bedroom, mirrors can enhance the beauty of the living space. It adds more charm to your decorative aesthetics and blends seamlessly with it.

  • Stylish double-frame mirror.
  • It looks very clean and tidy.
  • It is an ornate supplement to any living space.
  • It is not easy to hang.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

Modern gold wall mirror decor for bathroom

Gold itself can show luxury and nobility. Use the gold decorative mirror as the living room mirror wall decor to give a modern appearance to the space where the mirror is placed. This mirror is a chaotic golden frame full of lines, adding charm and elegance to its appearance. The installation of this decorative wall mirror is easy because it is equipped with a hand hook with 3 optional anchor points.

  • Unique design with modern touch.
  • Gold leaf.
  • Irregular design makes it durable.
  • Most people can afford it.
  • It’s not easy to hang.
  • Not easy to clean up and maintain.

Decorative metal mirror wall decor for living room

This decorative wall mirror is chic and stylish, and it is an exquisite accessory for your home decoration. The unique feature of this accessory is that it supports a small mirror and a large oblique round mirror in an electroplated metal frame. This metal mirror wall decor is specially designed to match your modern furniture and will add a touch of charm to your home.

  • Wide decorative frame.
  • Antique silver frame.
  • The use of weaving patterns is very attractive.
  • It is not easy to clean up and maintain.
  • The corners are not easy to wipe.
  • It is not easy to hang.

Gold sun mirror wall decor for bedroom

This decorative wall mirror is the most elegant and timeless design of the mirror. The decorative bathroom mirror can be conveniently hung in the This circle mirror wall decor increases the impact of your living room. It uses a shiny mirror coating to create a round outline. The staggered sunlight is decorated with three glossy metal finishes of your choice, which can be integrated into a variety of styles and environments, from a mid-century modern home office to a gorgeous luxurious living room or a modern style.

  • Eye-catching sunburst mirror.
  • Bold silhouettes and shiny golden finishes.
  • Very shocking.
  • It is not easy to hang.
  • The crevices are difficult to clean.
  • Poor functionality.

Black decorative mirror for living room

Decorative wall mirrors can be used to expand and illuminate any room in your home. No matter what kind of home you have or what theme your decoration has, this black decorative mirror is suitable for every home and decoration. The installation of this black decorative mirror is easy because it is equipped with a hand hook with 3 optional anchor points.

  • Unique design has multiple round mirrors of different sizes.
  • Both decorative and functional.
  • The requirements for the size of the wall are not high.
  • It’s not easy to hang.
  • It needs to be installed carefully.

Rectangular mirror wall decor for living room

The multi-faceted dramatic frame design of this decorative wall mirror is the perfect stylish addition to any home. The eye-catching appearance consists of central mirror glass and many small square cut glass pieces surrounding it. The large wall mirror is not only suitable for any modern decoration but also can be used in a minimalist environment to create a highly impactful feature.

  • Both functionality and decoration.
  • Simple but attractive.
  • It is large enough for home decoration with large space.
  • Its reflective properties highlight scratches and imperfections.
  • More expensive than ordinary rectangular mirrors.

Wood rectangular mirror wall decor for dining room

This lovely decorative mirror is not just a place to check your appearance, it is an accent in itself. Perfect modern and gorgeous aesthetics, it shows a classic rectangular mirror. This dining room mirror wall decor is set in a dazzling lattice frame, giving a clean and stylish appearance. It can add stylish, modern, and sophisticated charm to your home.

  • Multiple material borders.
  • Striking color contrast.
  • Easy to install.
  • Both practical and decorative.
  • Install carefully.
  • The frame may oxidize over time.

Gold decorative mirror for living room

Three neat shapes form a perfect living room decorative mirror. For people who like to decorate their homes and want a mirror that can match each of their themes, this mirror is one of the best choices for fancy or DIY crafts. This golden wall mirror looks great on any wall. Whether in the lobby, living room or bedroom, mirrors can enhance the beauty of the living space.

  • Easy to install.
  • Gold can really match everything.
  • Not expensive.
  • People who don’t like it may find this beauty very boring.
  • The color may fade if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Round decorative mirror for bathroom

If you like round decorative wall mirrors, then this round wall mirror can become your iconic mirror. It brings an elegant look to your decoration and is very durable because it has a protective frame that adds focus and texture to this mirror. The uniqueness of this bathroom decorative mirror is that it supports many small mirrors in an electroplated metal frame. This mirror is specially designed to match your modern furniture and will add a touch of charm to your home.

  • Unique and stylish wall decoration.
  • Provides ultimate durability and rust protection.
  • Functional and decorative mirror.
  • The appearance of sunflowers is very attractive.
  • The frame needs to be wiped carefully.
  • not very big.

How To Use Wall Mirrors To Decorate Your Home?

When decorating a house, hanging a large decorative wall mirror at a suitable location may have the following advantages:

  1. One, can expand the vision of the living room. At present, the housing of the average family is not spacious enough, and the living room is not too big. If you install a full length decorative mirror on the wall of the living room, it will give people a new feeling: the living room is twice as large.
  2. The lights in the living room are reflected by the large decorative wall mirrors to make the living room appear brighter.
  3. If a color TV is placed on the opposite side of the modern decorative wall mirror, one color TV can be turned into two through the reflection of the big decorative mirror. This will not only enliven the atmosphere of the living room, if there are many people, everyone can watch TV from different angles. The TV program seen from the decorative rectangular wall mirror, although the picture is upside-down, but the picture is clear, stable, and there is no harmful rays.

In order to better play the role of large decorative mirrors, you should pay attention to the following points when installing long decorative mirrors:

About the size of the decorative wall mirror

First, the modern decorative wall mirror is of moderate size. In actual operation, you can make appropriate adjustments according to the size of the living room area and the length of the wall where the decorative wall mirror is installed.

If the living room area is only about 10 square meters and the wall length is only about 3 meters, a 2×1.5 meters decorative wall mirror can be installed; if the area is between 12 and 20 square meters, the wall length is more than 4 meters but less than 6 meters. A decorative wall mirror of 4×1.5 meters can be installed; if the living room is relatively spacious and there is no plan to place furniture under the decorative wall mirror, a decorative wall mirror of 3×2 meters, 4.5×2 meters or 6×2 meters can be installed. The above sizes can be assembled with a whole piece of glass mirror, which is easy to install and beautiful.

About the location of the decorative wall mirror

Second, the installation location should be reasonable. For a separate living room, the modern decorative wall mirror can be installed on a wall without doors or windows, preferably on the wall facing the door of the living room. In this way, as soon as a person enters the door, he can immediately see his own figure and can see the more “profound” living room. Adults’ eyes are mostly concentrated in the middle of the wall. Some people have to place some relatively low furniture under the wall mirror, and the decorative wall mirror does not need to cover the entire surface.

Therefore, the position of the decorative wall mirror on the wall should be moderate, centered on the left and right. The height of low cabinets and low back sofas is generally less than 0.7 meters, and the frame under the wall mirror should not be less than 0.7 meters. It is ideal if the length of the decorative wall mirror and the wall are exactly the same. Most wall mirrors are shorter than the wall, so they need to be centered.

About the Details of the decorative wall mirror

Third, the decorative wall mirrors are flawless and securely installed. Before installation, you must carefully choose the wall mirror, and choose those mirrors that are not damaged, mercury-tight, clear, and undistorted; when installing, you should choose a high-quality aluminum alloy frame that is strong and durable, and use a sufficient amount of expansion Screws to fix the wall mirror firmly on the wall.

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Gorgeous Mirror Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Adding a decorative mirror for living room is not only an aesthetic, but it is also a practical choice. Here are some tips on decorative mirrors for living room.

Add a rustic feel with a decorative mirrors for living room

Generally speaking, the living room is decorated with black, white, and gray. The slightly distressed rustic mirror wall decor can add personality and features to your space. At the same time, it enhances the rustic sense of the entire home. Either gold mirror wall decor or farmhouse mirror wall decor can make your living room unique.

Use irregular shaped decorative wall mirror

Round mirror wall decor, arch mirror wall decor, and silver mirror wall decor are all classic decorations. For now, uneven, asymmetrical, and strangely shaped mirror wall decor is a popular trend in contemporary mirrors, so you can try irregular wall mirrors. Use this irregular decorative wall mirror to increase the design sense of your space.

Use wood frame mirror to create a sense of warmth

Using a wood frame mirror, a rustic decorative mirror for living room can give people the feeling of being close to nature, and can also show the concept of green and environmentally friendly home decoration. It is the first choice for many families.

Choose a gold decorative mirror as a decoration

Choose a gold mirror wall decor to add the finishing touch to your entrance or wall. As we all know, gold symbolizes luxury. Using fashionable and shiny golden wall mirrors as decorative wall mirrors will surely add the perfect charm to your space!

The big decorative mirror is as large as possible

When choosing a living room decorative mirror, be as large as possible within your space. Because large decorative mirror for living room is always better to inject more light and space into the room. Adding a big decorative mirror to the wall of the living room is a good way to balance the space and make the width feel larger.

Choose a round decorative wall mirror

When choosing a shape for your living room decorative mirror, consider using a perfect circle to keep it modern. Especially if you want to use minimal frames, popular shapes can make your mirror add a modern feel to any living room.

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Dining Room Mirror Ideas

Dining room mirror wall decor is an essential part of home decoration. It can visually make the space bigger and brighter. If you are looking for an easy way to illuminate the restaurant, then put a decorative mirror in the restaurant. We studied how to use small decorative mirrors to change the atmosphere and dining experience of the restaurant. We collected a few good ideas about dining room wall mirrors!

Try to use sunburst mirror wall decor

The antique sun mirror wall decor will shine in any home decoration. A small circle mirror wall decor is surrounded by a metal ray ring similar to the sun. Let sunburst mirror be the dining room mirror wall decor, both retro and very suitable for your restaurant. Add a touch of beauty to your restaurant in an instant.

Use a hanging small decorative wall mirror

Since it can be disturbing to look at yourself in the mirror while eating, make sure to keep the decorative wall mirror at eye level. So you can choose a small hanging wall mirror as the restaurant decoration. Hang a selection of small decorative mirrors above the dining table. You can choose from a variety of styles of small mirrors to personalize your space.

Put artwork next to a living room mirror wall decor

If you put a decorative wall mirror on the dining table, it feels shortcoming. Why not put some exquisite works of art next to it? Exquisite decorative mirrors hover between the artworks so that it increases the balance of the wall and increase the beauty.

Mirror wall decor match your lamps

This can reflect the beauty of harmony. Furniture needs harmony, and decorative mirrors are no exception. How to make your chandelier match the frame perfectly? It depends on the style of your lamps.

Keep the decorative mirror away from the fire

The stove is originally a fire, if you put a mirror, it will add fire to the fire. Excessive anger at home can easily cause irritability, and it is easy to talk and talk, not quarrel, and so on, which makes people uneasy. This is common sense and you must remember.

Living room mirror wall decor avoid to pot

You might think that you hang the mirror on the wall to illuminate the food in the pot. This way you will never finish the food in the pot. As everyone knows, this hurts the feng shui at home even more.

Decorative mirror should not be against the gods

If the mirror is facing the table of the gods, it will not only be disrespectful to the gods but will also cause a bad shock. This will allow the gods who originally resided at home to bless you, leave because of the impulse generated by the mirror.

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Do You Know Bathroom Wall Mirror Ideas?

It is now common to install decorative bathroom mirrors. Many people think that decorative vanity mirrors can be installed during installation. But you don’t know that there are many precautions for installing decorative wall mirrors in the bathroom. So what are the precautions for installing the decorative mirror for bathroom? What are the mirror installation tips?

  1. The bathroom is where we wash. It is inevitable that there will be heat when bathing, so it is best to buy decorative wall mirrors with better anti-fogging properties when buying decorative mirror for bathroom.
  2. Consider personal privacy when installing bathroom wall mirrors, so you should hang a mirror on the side facing the wall.
  3. Considering safety issues, so you should hang decorative bathroom mirrors away from the shower head and the back of the bathtub.

Height installation of bathroom decorative mirror

Everyone knows that we are standing in the bathroom looking at the mirror, so the height of the decorative wall mirror should be within the height of the person. If there is a difference in the height of the family members, you can adjust it appropriately. It is better to place the face in the middle of the decorative wall mirror as much as possible. Generally, the distance between the center of the wall mirror and the ground is between 160-165.

How to fix decorative bathroom mirrors

You should first measure the distance between the hooks behind the decorative wall mirror, then mark the wall and punch holes in the mark. For the ceramic tile wall, you can drill it with a glass drill bit, then use a percussion drill or electric hammer to drill into the depth of 3 cm, then put in the plastic expansion tube and screw the 3 cm self-tapping screw, leave 0.5 cm outside to hang the mirror That’s it.

Pay attention to protecting the wall when punching holes

Be careful not to damage the wall when punching. Especially for tiled walls, you need to punch holes in the material joints. It is best to choose the way of drilling holes with rhinestones.

Use glass glue to fix decorative bathroom mirrors

If you use glass glue to fix the wall mirror, try to choose neutral glass glue instead of acid glass glue. The acid glass glue will react with the material on the back of the decorative wall mirror. This will cause the mirror to appear mottled. It is better to use special glue for mirrors.

Installation of bathroom decorative mirror with lights

The decorative mirror for bathroom is either equipped with a front light or a light on the side of the mirror. The installation of the mirror lamp should pay attention to the glare. You can install the lampshade to prevent it, or install the lamp with a matte surface to prevent glare.

The above is about the precautions for bathroom mirror installation and decorative wall mirror installation skills. When installing the decorative wall mirror, you can install it according to the above installation skills. I hope the above content will help you.

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Bedroom Wall Mirror Ideas You Should Know

The ideal bedroom should have two mirrors: a decorative floor mirror and a small decorative mirror. A decorative full length mirror for bedroom will help coordinate clothing, while a smaller decorative mirror will help with more detailed details such as makeup or styling. A modern decorative wall mirror can also add interesting and unique decorative style to your bedroom.

Suitable location for the bedroom decorative mirror

  1. Put a bedroom dresser mirror on the bedside table or dressing table. This allows you to get close to the mirror for cosmetic purposes, such as makeup, combing your hair and wearing jewelry.
  2. Install multiple decorative wall mirrors on the same wall. Experiment with decorative mirrors of different sizes and shapes. You can install some of them near each other, and you can install more than one. You can also try placing decorative wall mirrors around other artworks or pictures in the bedroom.
  3. For a decorative floor mirror, you can put it in the corner. Do not directly face the bed or any windows.

Not suitable for the location of the bedroom decorative mirror

  1. Remember to place the decorative mirrors for bedroom not directly facing the bedroom door. First of all, from the perspective of fengshui, the mirror facing the door is not conducive to the harmony and stability of the house. Secondly, if the large decorative mirror is facing the bedroom door, we are easily scared by our own reflection. Therefore, whether it is fengshui or daily avoidance, we should not place the mirror facing the bedroom.
  2. Feng shui mirror facing bed, people wake up in the middle of the night, often frightened. And it is easy to invite bad luck, and the husband and wife are at odds. According to feng shui mirror rules, feng shui bedroom mirror placement should be conceal For example, putting it on the inside of the closet door can enhance luck.

What size decorative full length mirror for bedroom should you buy?

There are currently three main sizes of decorative full length mirrors, 300*900 mm, 300*1200 mm, and 400*1200 mm. But when you choose the size of the full length decorative mirror, you should choose the corresponding decorative floor mirror size according to the actual size of the bedroom space. At the same time, it must match your height. Under normal circumstances, the size of the decorative full length mirror should be larger than half of the height, illuminating your whole body.

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How To Hang Your Modern Decorative Wall Mirrors?

The modern decorative wall mirror on the wall can make the blank wall pleasing to the eye. The decorative wall mirrors that hang on the wall come in various shapes and sizes, so before you buy, you must carefully consider the placement of the decorative mirror. In addition, because the glass is fragile and you need to prepare enough space to hang the decorative mirror on the wall, you must make sure that you have all the necessary tools before you start. If you have any questions, you can consult https://everbettermirror.com/.

Decorative wall mirror with hook

Step 1

Determine what type of wall is. There are many types of walls, such as plaster, plaster, and masonry. Very heavy decorative wall mirrors need to be fixed on a solid wall like a masonry wall. The wall material also determines the size of the screws and expansion bolts required.

Step 2

Weigh the weight of the decorative mirror. Make sure you know the weight of the large decorative mirror. This helps to choose the right size hook. The load-bearing capacity of the hook is limited. If this weight is exceeded, the decorative wall mirror will fall from the wall and break and the wall will be damaged.

Step 3

Find a place to hang a decorative vanity mirror. Make sure there is enough space on the wall to hang the mirror, otherwise you have to consider its position relative to other objects on the wall and in the room. Lift the mirror to the wall and see how much area it will occupy.

Step 4

After finding a suitable location, use a pencil or masking tape to mark the position of the top of the decorative vanity mirror so that you can measure the position of the hook. You can also use a pencil mark and a spirit level to ensure that the mirror is level. If the decorative mirror is too large, it will be difficult for you to lift it up and mark it at the same time. Just measure it with a tape measure or yardstick to see if the size is appropriate.

Step 5

When measuring the position of the hook, there should be something that can be hung behind the mirror, either a wire or a D-ring. In either case, you should mark the location of the hook, not the location of the screw. The mirror will not hang on the screws.

Step 6

Drill holes in the wall and install hooks. If using a screw, it should be able to bear the weight of the decorative mirror without additional support. If it is not on the keel, you may have to use wall expansion bolts to fix the hook.

Step 7

Stick an anti-collision sticker on the back of the decorative wall mirror. They are small dots made of rubber or plastic that help prevent the mirror from tilting or leaving marks on the wall. A hardware store or handicraft store should have bumper stickers for sale.

Step 8

Hang decorative wall mirrors. Align the D-ring or wire with the appropriate hook and hang the decorative mirror. If the mirror is too heavy or too big for you to lift it up easily, ask someone else to help.

Step 9

Clean the mirror surface. After hanging up the decorative wall mirror, polish or wipe it clean to make the mirror surface clean and the image clear. Now you can enjoy the modern decorative wall mirror hanging on the wall.

Decorative wall mirror with buckle

The first and second steps repeat the second and third steps above

Step 3

Drill holes in the frame and install the buckle. The mounting position of the hanging buckle is different, the upper limit of the load-bearing capacity will be different. But generally speaking, it is best to install the bracket on the upper and lower edges of the decorative mirror. You may have to use an awl to make holes. After installing the buckles, measure the distance between them and the distance between them and the edges of the mirror.

Step 4

Hang contemporary mirror wall decor. Align the two sets of hanging buckles, put down the mirror, and let the hanging buckles snap into place. The fifth step repeats the ninth step above.

Glue the decorative mirror to the wall

Step 1

Buy a decorative mirror without a border. Frameless mirrors usually use adhesives, mainly because there is no place for such decorative wall mirrors to fix brackets or screws. If the mirror has a frame, it may be better to use hooks or other tools. Bathrooms usually use Frameless mirrors.

Step 2

Buy glue. Be sure to buy an adhesive specially used to fix modern mirror wall decors. It needs to stick to the mirror glass and the wall. In addition, since rimless mirrors are usually installed in the bathroom, the glue must also be resistant to moisture.

Step 3

Measure the size of the decorative wall mirror. You can use a ruler or tape measure. When considering the position of the decorative mirror, measuring the size is very important. It needs enough space. When using adhesives, the modern mirror wall decor must fit tightly to the wall.

Step 4

Mark the location on the wall where you want to hang the decorative wall mirror. Using the previous measurement results, trace out where you think is the best place to hang the mirror. You can use a pencil to draw a faint mark on the wall to see how much area it will occupy. You can also use a pencil mark and a spirit level to ensure that the mirror is level. In order to ensure the safety of the walls and wall mirrors, you cannot wait for the glue to dry before adjusting the position of the modern decorative wall mirrors. So you must measure accurately. You only have one chance.

Step 5

Apply glue. Follow the instructions to use the glue to ensure the proper amount. Choose a place from the back of the contemporary decorative wall mirror and the wall to apply the glue. The glue should only be applied to one of the surfaces, not both, but you must check the instructions to be sure. Step 6 Press the decorative wall mirror to the wall. Fix the position of the decorative mirror according to the instructions of the adhesive and let the adhesive dry. This shouldn’t take long, but you must not let go before the glue has solidified.

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