Tips on How to Pack and Ship a Mirror


Moving to a new place is always a fun process, but the real issue comes when you need to pack everything, especially fragile items like mirrors. One wrong move and you can break the whole thing apart. However, if you use your brain smartly and package the mirror safely for moving, then you can ship it without any trouble. If you’re someone who’s going to move to a new place soon or own a shop that ships mirrors, then this blog will help you choose the best way to ship a large mirror across town.

Why be Very Careful When Packing and Shipping Mirrors?

Being careful while packing and shipping mirrors is important. Because if you break a mirror while shipping, it can cost you both money and cause you injuries. A broken mirror with all those micro pieces is very dangerous. You can hurt yourself by stepping your foot on it or touching it with your bare hands. Similarly, it’s important to be careful while packing and shipping mirrors. If a mirror breaks from its edges, then it’s good for nothing has even one small Todd can break the whole thing apart.

And lastly, if you break the mirror while shipping, then both the money spent on the mirror and shipping would go to waste without making a single penny in profit. Therefore, to make sure you don’t lose your money and injure yourself in the process – it is important to be careful while shipping and packing a mirror.

How to Pack a Mirror for Moving?

Packing a mirror looks like an easy task, just put some tape on and put it in a box, and then carry it around with care. However, packing and shipping a mirror is not an easy task to handle while shipping them via car or an airplane. Just one little mistake and everything can go to waste. So, we have prepared a guide for you to pack a mirror properly. Before we dive into how to package a mirror for shipping, here are some items that you will need during the process of packing.

  1. You will need duct tape or any kind of cello tape that is strong enough to hold the mirror together. If you don’t have cello tape or duct tape, you can also use masking tape as it will get the job done.
  2. You will need a good-quality mirror packing box, cardboard sheet, bubble wrap, and moving blankets. They are essential during wrapping to create a cushion that will keep the mirror safe in the mirror shipping box.

Pack Mirror – First Method

Before starting the wrapping process, use masking tape or duct tape to form an X shape on the glass. This way will ensure that the glass has extra strength in case it gets damaged during travel. The tape will keep the glass together and prevent it from shattering if there is any damage around the edges.

Moving on, you will need to protect the corners of the mirror if it does not have a frame. You can place cardboard corners and form in a frame to make sure that the edges do not break while shipping. Similarly, these cardboard corners will also protect your hands as you move the mirrors across the street. Similarly, be careful while adjusting these cardboard corners for the minute, as it can be dangerous if you cut your hand in the process.

After you make sure that the corners are protected, you need to wrap cardboard sheets on the glass to make sure that they have a cushiony surface in case of any damage. You can also use bubble wrap to wrap the mirror (for extra protection). Just make sure that you add at least three layers so that there are no chances of any damage.

However, make sure that you use a cardboard sheet underneath the bubble wrap if you are shipping the mirror in the summer. As any form of heat can make the bubble wrap melt and cause damage to the mirror. After you have wrapped the mirror properly, you will need to put it in a box to ensure. That it’s easy to carry the mirror around. Make sure that you get the proper size of the cardboard box, and if you cannot get one, then you can join two to form a bigger box. After you put the mirror in the box and salute it to secure it – make sure you use a fragile logo so that transporters can know that they need to handle this item with care.

If you don’t have a fragile sticker, use a pen and write fragile in bold letters so it is visible.

Pack Mirror – Second Method

On the other hand, there is an alternative way to do it. After making an X on the mirror using cello tape – take a cardboard box and throw in lots of cardboard pieces or clothes. Anything that will ensure that the mirror has a lot of cushions. Then pace the mirror carefully (you can warp it for extra protection) and add more cardboard and cloth pieces on top. Once you do that – close the lid of the cardboard box and secure it with more cello or duct tape so that the cardboard box does not open during the shipping process.

However, you should know that this method is not as safe as the first one. So, if you are using this method, then make sure that you do not have to transport the mirror to a distant place as there is a good chance that it will suffer from some damage. But, the good thing about this method is that it will save you a lot of money and time as you will not spend hours packing the mirror and then unpacking it. So the ball is in your court now; decide what works best for you and then go with that method.

Similarly, if you don’t have enough time, you can hire a packing service that will do everything required to pack the mirror. It all boils down to your accessibility.

How to Ship a Mirror?

Once you secure the edges of the mirror and pack it according to the safety standards – now comes the question – how to ship a mirror? Well, there are two ways to do it, either you take it along with you in your car – which is a challenging task as you will have more chances of breaking it during the process. And the other way is to hire a professional moving team.

Now, there are some pros of taking the mirror along in your car – which is that you will save tons of money that you would have spent on the shipment, and second, it will take less time. However, hiring a shipping agency will cost you some money, but your mirror will be safely moved to the next destination.

Similarly, if you own a shop that ships mirror, then you should hire a shipping service as they will take care of the matter professionally, and you will not have to drive to the destination yourself – as it will take a lot of time and effort from your end. Therefore, the decision on how to ship a pack of mirrors or ship a large mirror relies solely on your circumstances.

Make sure that you don’t choose money over the safety of your mirrors – as the breakage of the mirrors while shipping will cost you a lot more than the shipping fee.

Bottom Line

Moving to a new city or place is a thrilling experience. It can bring a lot of joy as well as the worry of shipping everything safely—especially items like mirrors. You have to be very careful during the process so that the pack of mirrors does not get damaged during the process.

To pack a mirror successfully, you will need a few items like duct tape, cardboard backing, and bubble wrap. The idea is to create a cushion that can absorb any shock during shipment and protect the mirror. After the safe process of packing a mirror – you will have to decide between shipping the mirror yourself (in your car) or hiring a professional service to ship the mirror. This decision should solely be based on your circumstances and affordability. However, if you can afford to ship it via a professional service, you should do it rather than carrying the mirror around yourself. It will be a safer option that will save you from a lot of hassle (like how to pack a large mirror for shipping). Just pay the transport service and get done with your part.

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